AARF Organization

There are places where free animals live, surrounded by forests, rivers, and mountains. In these corners, we can fill our lungs with fresh air and our heart with peace and harmony.

They are natural paradises that allow us to discover compassion and love for life. We’re talking about animal sanctuaries in the world.

These sanctuaries are shelters for animals that have been rescued so that they have a happy life for the rest of their days. These facilities are usually inhabited by animals that have been exploited, abused, or abandoned. In the sanctuaries, they receive a second chance to live protected and in harmony until their natural death.

Thanks to the work of the sanctuaries, many animals have been able to escape from the production farms and slaughterhouses to reach paradise. The goal is to provide a safe home for those animals who need it, regardless of species and selflessly.

AARF – Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Organization is a non-profit organization that is born to inform about the many cruel and irresponsible behaviors that human beings inflict on animals and to raise awareness about the need to stop them by showing more ethical alternatives that do not violate their fundamental rights.

The AARF Organization is a statewide organization. We have activists and other partners specific, working actively in defense of the rights of all animals. Our commitment is that all the people who make up this project feel indispensable; that’s why we work horizontally and from the intersectionality of struggles.

Animal Sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary is the project of cooperation of the AARF Organization with different animal sanctuaries worldwide.

From the beginning, we have collaborated with different sanctuaries of Spanish animals. In 2015, with the birth of the Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Organization, we decided to maintain a stable program of cooperation with animal sanctuaries, making small or large contributions through the different funding channels owned by the foundation, to allocate part of our funds for the benefit of anti-specialist organizations that dedicate their lives to rescuing, caring and protecting non-human animals considered “farm” or “consumer”.

Do you want to help animals?

The easiest and most natural way to help animals is certainly from yourself, making you vegan, as simple as that so that you won’t contribute to exploitation and animal slavery. As you move on to veganism, you experience a transformation that cannot be explained very well with words, and it is as if much more profound compassion, a higher consciousness grew within you, and you detect with greater sensitivity things that you previously overlooked.

On the other hand, there are many animal organizations and animal sanctuaries that need help to continue saving lives and fighting for animal rights. Support can be provided in many ways, all actions, however small, are welcome. The aim is to continue to raise awareness to abolish animal exploitation and intensive farms that enslave these defenseless creatures.

What is Animal Education?

Animal education is the educational area of the Alma Animal Foundation. It was born to raise awareness and promote values of respect for children and adolescents.

This area proposes to make known the real situation of the animals, to raise awareness about the condition of abandonment that lives different species of which society does not usually remember.


Transparency is an increasing requirement for the foundational sector, donors, beneficiaries, and society at large.

From the Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Organization, we conceive transparency as essential and one of our fundamental pillars based on our moral and ethical principles.

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