Why Adopt from a Shelter?

You have the idea of adopting a pet in a shelter, but you still do not decide whether to do or simply buy a new puppy; before you make a decision, I invite you to settle for the first option; besides, I share the main reasons to adopt an animal in a shelter.

Reasons to Adopt a pet from a shelter

Shelters usually offer a variety you won’t find in any pet store. There are rabbits, cats, stray dogs, birds, and others you can find. Hundreds of animals around the world hope to be part of a new home.

  1. It will change your life

All animals need a second chance. No matter how lost or left behind. They are all unwanted and helpless. If you adopt one, make sure you can give him a new life in a loving home.

  1. Payless

You can’t buy love that’s why it’s better to adopt, low adoption rates are lower than buying a pet in a store or farm, plus from experience can tell you, that you can get more love from an animal that has been abused before a puppy, as the First knows the difference from being in good hands to suffer.

  1. You help with breaking the cycle of overpopulation of pets

There are not enough homes for all animals born every year. Adopting a pet from a shelter helps weaken the overpopulation cycle. Every year between 8 and 12 million dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are slaughtered around the world because there are simply not enough homes for them.

  1. You help with stopping animal abuse

In almost every part of the world there are thousands of commercial pet breeding establishments and backyard breeders that produce millions of animals for sale in pet shops and through advertisements in newspapers, where they are not in the care of them and only see it as a business, adopting a shelter animal means that you do not support such cruel practices.

  1. You have the task ahead

Adult pets are mostly already trained, and some may even “sit” or “stay.” You won’t have to deal with the puppy phase, where they play around biting, scratching, and breaking some stuff from your house. You can see the adult animal’s personality, and you won’t have to wait to see what you get.

  1. You have a company

Having a pet animal at home will never make you lonely. Since you can play and even exercise (if a dog). An adult animal is a faithful companion when it takes you in love, especially dogs.

  1. It helps you to distract you

Being able to spend some time with your new pet can become therapeutic, especially if you find yourself going through a difficult time emotionally. Hugging or your pet help you release the stress of the moment and is also useful for reducing blood pressure.

  1. You support charity

Unfortunately, every community in the world requires shelter for animals. When you adopt a pet, you help a non-profit organization, but you also send a message to other people who will ask you for many years where you got your adorable pet. Shelters improve the community by ordering adopted animals to be sterilized or neutered. This requirement reduces the chances of more unwanted animals entering the world.

  1. You have unconditional love

No matter what happens, your pet will always be available to give you love and love, and it will be the first to be happy when he sees you coming home. The love that animals give in shelters is so pure, and without evil intent that you will only want to keep it around forever.

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