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Almost 20 years ago, Tamagotchi, the first virtual mascot, hooked millions of users around the world. Many were children, but they also acquired it from young people and adults. After being released in 1996, he sold in three years 40 million of his models, a kind of egg with a small screen and three buttons, which managed the life of a pet.

The idea revolutionized digital games and managed to dispatch a total of 78 million units.

Now, modern ‘smartphones’ make a similar device unnecessary, but the idea of virtual pet play still holds a significant share in the application market. Following the concept of that Tamagotchi, numerous digital content firms have developed different formats that exploit the virtual mascot model. These are some of them:

  1. Pou

This virtual mascot is undoubtedly the most popular and the one was taken by Tamagotchi’s witness. Pou is an alien, although it looks like an egg, a potato or, a stone with eyes and mouth. Your appearance can be customized. The application offers many options, although the mechanism is the same as any other game of virtual pets: feed it, dress it, and care for it to be happy, as well as favor its socialization with other virtual characters. For Android and iPhone.

  1. Tamagotchi Classic.

The re-release of the classic virtual mascot is another option for fans of this kind of game. Tamagotchi is the name of the official mobile app of Bandai, which reproduces the model of the pet original up to the point of imitating the design of the game that triumphed in the 1990s, with graphics of large pixels, although it has a version more aesthetically modern. For Android and iPhone.

  1. Hatchi

This application also proposes an old design as a ‘retro claim. The mechanism is similar to the previous ones: feeding and caring for the virtual mascot on duty. In this case, moreover, the character, which arises from an egg to hatch, will evolve and transform differently depending on the care he receives. It allows you to compete with other users. For Android and iPhone.

Hatch. Like Hatch but no ‘ i ‘ and a few more differences. Hatch’s strength lies in his accomplished and eye-catching graphics. The virtual mascot name of this application is Fugu. He’ll sleep when we’re loading the phone, but then we’ll have to keep a close eye on his needs. We will have to finish loving it if we don’t want to spoil. If he’s happy, he’ll dance with the music or lick the screen. For iPhone.

  1. Pet Shop Story.

This application goes a little further, as it is not just based on the care of a virtual pet, but requires the user to create a home for the care of the different pets that appear in the game. It also has a social side, so users can share experiences with other players in the application. For Android.

  1. Littlest Pet Shop.

This application is similar to the previous one. As in Pet Shop Story, the user’s job will not only be to feed and care for virtual pets, but also to build houses and other spaces for them.

Little Pet Shop makes up to 150 pets available to its users in order to make the store the best in the world. As in other applications of this type, you can buy accessories with which we will progress faster. For Android.

  1. Kawaii Pet Megu.

This virtual pet game is one of the most successful in Japan. It also incorporates a micropayment system that improves the care of the Megu, which will evolve depending on the follow-up they receive. The app can even synchronize with the user’s Twitter account. Many of these digital characters find them so adorable that their care absorbs them for hours. For iPhone.

  1. Furniture

This virtual mascot promises to make its users happy. In addition to seeking his care, Furdiburb, an alien baby who has lived on Earth since he fell from his parents ‘ ship, embarks on magical adventures. The intended ultimate goal is to prepare the pet so that it can return home one day. Graphics aren’t his strong suit. For Android.

  1. My Horse.

In addition to aliens and oriental aesthetic creations, there is also room among virtual pets for animals. My Horse is an example of that. With this application, the user faces the challenge of caring, feeding and competing for wit,h a virtual thoroughbred horse. This game, designed for the youngest, is a complete tool with remarkable graphics. For Android.

  1. Tiny Monsters.

In this application yo,u have to take care of strange creatures. The game also forces them to build their habitat and cultivate the plants they will feed on. These little monsters will grow and evolve until they grow older, a common process in these virtual pet games. For Android.

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