Cat Enclosures

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  1. Why Are Cats Unsafe?
  2. How We Can Keep Cats Safe
  3. Happy Cat Enclosures — The Company
  4. Walking Your Cat

Cat enclosures are becoming wildly popular as people recognise how unsafe cats are roaming around the streets. Cat enclosures can be attached to the side of your house with a cat flap installed into a window, or you can even encapsulate your entire backyard so your beloved kitties have free roam and climb!

Why Are Cats Unsafe?

When you consider the dangers that exist outside, you might wonder why we allow cats to roam around doing whatever they please, while dogs are required to be kept securely behind fencing.

Consider the laws that exist–they’re set up to ensure human safety, not animal. Most dogs can potentially be a threat to humans, while cats are typically not. This is the only reason we have the laws that we do, it has nothing to do with the safety of our animals.

Cats have to deal with a range of threats–violent humans, poisoning, roads and cars, other potential animal attacks, local rangers and abusive pounds, getting injured, and becoming lost.

Why subject your beloved kitty to all of that and stress yourself out?


How We Can Keep Cats Safe

With the flexibility of setting up an enclosure anywhere in your backyard with the ability to link to an easily accessible window of your house, there’s no reason to risk your cat roaming anywhere and everywhere outside.

Enclosures can be decked out with interesting climbing infrastructure and sleeping pods! Anything from large tree branches, to various wall shelves for cats to jump around on, to outdoor cat stands. Your cats will be able to sleep in peace or run around and play.

Custom enclosures can be set up in all kinds of ways–full backyard enclosures, side enclosures that join to the side of your house, to enclosures involving patios and verandas.  I’ve even set one up for my two kitties while in a rental property–fully approved! The secured fittings leave barely any trace that can’t be puttied up and painted with a dob of paint.


Happy Cat Enclosures — The Company

Happy Cat Enclosures are well known throughout eastern Australia. Their team are highly experienced with construction and plaster their Facebook page with great images of their work. Every job is custom made to fit the house and backyard, with high quality materials which ensure a secure fit to keep your cats safe!

They are Queensland based but also recently opened operations in Melbourne, and have traveled to other states before when enough jobs were booked.


Walking Your Cat

Walking your cat like you walk a dog on a lead isn’t as bizarre as you may initially think and is becoming more and more common. Cats need exercise and like to explore, so why not join them for 30 minutes a day?

As originally mentioned, people are becoming very aware of just how dangerous our world is for our beloved furbabies. The world we’ve created isn’t overly safe for them, and that isn’t fair. If you can implement a safe enclosed area and spend a small amount of time each day giving them a walk, in exchange for a happy, stimulated, safe cat, why wouldn’t you?

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Cat Enclosures
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