Drones Reveal Shocking Aerial Views Of Factory Farms

Most people in the United States and even across the world are operating under the assumption that the meat, dairy and eggs that they consume comes from a farm that somewhat resembles a large idyllic pasture, run by a friendly, hardworking farmer. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, factory farms are large-scale, industrialised feeding operations that hold tens of thousands of animals in incredibly unsanitary conditions. Instead of a rustic barn, there are rows and rows of metal sheds, and in place of a babbling brook where the animals go to drink, there is a massive toxic cesspool filled with their excrement bubbling away with chemicals and disease-bearing organisms. Some of these massive human made lagoons are visible from space

It is no wonder that the world of factory farming is largely hidden from consumers.Filmmaker Mark Devries is hoping to change American’s perceptions of factory farms by simply showing everyone what they look like. Using a drone, Devries hovers over a farm owned by Smithfield Foods, the country’s largest pork producer. Without even having to explain what it is we see, the message rings loud and clear: while humans enslave and kill billions of animals every year, we are polluting our environment at a disturbing rate and destroying our world.

The waste from the factory farm collects in a massive lagoon and the only way to empty it is by spraying it on the surrounding land. The air pollution and stench is so incredibly strong that it gives neighbouring residents headaches and even high blood pressure due to the noxious mix of chemicals that is transported in the air. Children who live in the area have higher rates of asthma and upper respiratory conditions. Factory farms are making people sick and polluting the environment, and for what? Pork, bacon and sausage.

Take a look for yourself .. is it really worth it?

Drones Reveal Shocking Aerial Views Of Factory Farms
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