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Bread is something just about everyone enjoys and is a constant in our lives. But little do most people know that bread often contains many animal derived products, such as duck feathers used as dough conditioners, to pancreatic enzymes (phospholipase) from pigs as emulsifiers.

There’s a whole range of innocent looking words such as whey, casein, ghee, lecithin, and cultured dextrose–all animal derived in some way. Some ingredients aren’t even listed in a detailed enough fashion so that a consumer knows whether they’re animal or plant derived.

So, what’s the good news then? You are able to purchase vegan bread. The manufactures of Helgas bread, Goodmanfielder, advised that their bread is lactose free, contains no artificial preservatives, contains no animal fats and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Bread Helgas

Most of their range is considered vegan. However, their Gluten Free range are NOT vegan as they contain animal based emulsifiers.

Helga’s Vegan Bread Loafs

  • Wholemeal
  • White
  • Mixed grain with oats
  • Wholemeal grain
  • Light rye
  • Soy and linseed
  • Pumpkin five seed
  • European black breads flavours are black rye, sweet and sour rye and schinkenbrot
Vegan Bread — Helgas is Vegan! | Shellethics
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