Vegan Alternatives

Dairy Replacements

Vegan alternatives for dairy? There’s tons out there! Take a squiz:

Meat Replacements

FrySome vegans do, some vegans don’t!

Whatever your preference is, if you are looking for meat replacements, I would recommend the brand Fry’s sold at Woolworths, Coles and IGA. There’s a heap of options from chicken burgers, schnitzels, sausages, and pies! Their distinctive green packaging makes them an easy find in the freezer section.

Though the company is called Fry’s Vegetarian, you will see vegan listed on their packaging and ingredients list.


Vegan Tofu Crispy AwesomeOh, don’t groan! And stop rolling your eyes. I saw that. Tofu has the unluckiest wrap – but I totally agree. Plenty of people cook tofu badly. No wonder it has a bad name.

So, here’s an awesome tip to make Hard Tofu become an awesome crispy meat substitute with texture that doesn’t resemble a sponge.

Use a tea towel to absorb any liquid, place sliced pieces into a plastic bag with cornflour to coat, press with a tea towel again to ensure the cornflour is firmly attached, and fry lightly in a pan to have crispy tofu.

Think it still sounds gross? .. Really?! Okay. Have an awesome photo of an awesome crispy tofu with a satay peanut sauce dinner I ate recently.


Vegan TempehTempeh .. tofu .. what on earth is the difference, you say? Well, both are made from soybeans however, tofu has a smoother texture, while tempeh is less processed, is more chewy, and contains more protein and fibre than tofu does.

Like any food, the less processed the better. I’m a big fan of the saying, everything in moderation. Tempeh even looks less processed and has a fantastic texture for say, a meat (free) loaf. Or, you know, tempeh loaf. Don’t worry, once you learn your vegan alternatives, you’ll start renaming food soon too.

Jack Fruit

Ever heard of the beloved jack fruit? The jack fruit is a fibrous, almost stringy fruit that mimics the behaviour of tofu, in that it absorbs flavours and liquids like crazy. It’s a good source of vitamin C, and the seeds are rich in protein. As a result, you can obtain some incredible results – Check out this incredible vegan BBQ pulled pork recipe!

Clothing & Accessories

I have to admit, this has probably been last on my list to look into because I’ve focused on the immediate expenditures that occur such as food and household products. But I will get back to you with some information! For now, just do your best to avoid the obvious such as leather, wool, down, silk, etc.

  • Vegan Wares – Collingwood based. Lots of options for shoes, belts, bags, etc.
Vegan Alternatives
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