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How to Go Vegan

Going vegan may seem like a big task at first as it involves quite a number of aspects of our lives to look at. It’s not only our diet, but our actions and philosophies, a critical analysis of our and society’s belief systems, what we wear, attend for entertainment, and the cosmetics and household products we may buy. But don’t fret—we’re going to help you through it and you’ll see it’s not as complicated as you thought.

As the vast majority of the world’s attitudes, behaviours, laws, industries, and traditions involve the direct exploitation of billions of sentient animals every year, veganism is a moral and ethical philosophy to do everything within one’s power to reduce their impact and harm on others. We do not live in a perfect world, however, our daily actions do directly impact other beings whom we share this vast web of ecosystems with.

This website is dedicated to providing information on how to go vegan, how to live vegan, how to analyse the constructs that exist in our societies, and advocates against using animals for our own self-serving benefit. When we are able to live our lives well without harming others, why wouldn’t we?

How to Go Vegan | Shellethics
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