Vegan Doctors and Nutritionists


Vegan Doctors and NutritionistsShellethics


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Medical Doctors

Dr Malcolm Mackay (Melbourne) –


Dr Helen Voronina (Melbourne) –

Accredited Dieticians/Nutritionists

A dietician or nutritionist advises on matters of food and nutrition and the impacts on health. It’s important to see a nutritionalist who has a focus on plant-based eating, whether they are vegan themselves or they simply offer unbiased, sound medical advice. Unfortunately, many standard nutritionists will turn around and state that you can’t obtain complete proteins from plant-based foods nor will you thrive on a plant-based diet. It’s simply untrue and is an opinion stemming from bias or a lack of education.





Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine employing a wide array of “natural” treatments, including homeopathy, herbalism, and acupuncture, as well as diet and lifestyle counselling. Naturopaths favour a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment and generally avoid the use of surgery and drugs.


Source: VeganEasy.
Vegan Doctors and Nutritionists
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