Having an anthropocentric belief system means to consider yourself and other human beings as occupying a significant and perhaps even the most important existence in the universe, while interpreting the world only in terms of human values and experiences. Anthropocentrism, also known as homocentricism, is a philosophy of human supremacy. Entire religions and mythologies have been constructed around anthropocentric principles. Theism—whether involving the existence of […]

Studies Link Slaughterhouses and Violent Crimes Increase

Growing concern over the link between slaughterhouse practices and the increase of violent crimes. Previous study on 581 US counties from 1994 to 2002 shows the annual arrest and report average increases with presence of a slaughterhouse. New study reports that the presence of a slaughterhouse corresponds with a 166% increase in arrests for rape.   Studies […]


The word and concept of Speciesism was first introduced by Australian moral philosopher, Peter Singer, during the 1970s. His 1975 published book, Animal Liberation, was cited as the start of the animal rights movement, much in the same way there were key figures and publications that began the equal rights and feminism movements. Growing up as kids we are introduced to animals […]


This barbaric use of animals is not the behaviour of a civilised or evolved species WHY ANIMAL TESTING IS UNNECESSARY This page isn’t going to blast you with horrific images of suffering animals. Instead, it will offer you sound logic on why animal testing is unnecessary by describing what vivisection is, why it is done, and listing […]

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